Issue #06

I want to thank everyone for reading our first story arc and for following this blog. This book has changed my life and as long as it exists it will continue to do so. But of course, it cannot exist without you, so again, deeply, thank you.

This comic is a real work of passion for me. And every month it’s a battle to write. Traveling to East Africa, living with the Acholi, Lango and Baganda people, staying in their homes, eating food from their tables, witnessing the joy and sorrow of their existence… nothing else in my life has compared to these experiences and hammering that raw humanity I witnessed into a war book has not been easy. Sometimes I question if it’s the right thing to do at all. But having everyone come here and comment and get involved in this conversation about what I feel is the continent of the future, well, it gives me hope that the commercial decisions we’re making in this book go a long way to actually getting new and interesting ideas about Africa out there.

And now, being nominated for an Eisner for best new series, well, it just pushes our intentions out even further, to a wider audience, and I’m so excited about that.

We’ve discovered with this little web page that there isn’t a lot of places you can go on the net to get concise information about the LRA and the efforts to neutralize them. We even received a communication from an Acholi non-profit group telling us we had posted dates about Ugandan troop with-drawls from DRC before they’d heard anything about it and asking what our sources were (a deep web research tendency and several Ugandans I keep in close touch with). So I’ve decided to keep this site live and use it to blog about further news from Acholiland, East Africa and the continent as a whole as often as I can. Which, sadly, is not this month because of taxes and deadlines, but soon… soon.

And please, keep reading Unknown soldier! Because we’re just getting started!

One last time…

Thank you.

– Joshua Dysart

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  1. zac Says:

    hey josh.

    well, I was on the fence up until this issue, which sold it for me. make no mistake, it’s good, well written, well drawn stuff, but I wasn’t really feeling moses until this issue, and without him it’s just a parade of horrors with a bit too much reality to it.

    but now I think I’ve got a handle on where you’re going with it. rather than a two dimensional avenger, moses is riddled with contradictions, futility, tragedy and self destructive impulses. I like how it’s deeply about that ‘unknown’ place in ourselves, and what it takes to bring us there, and the damage it can do to us. moses is kind of like our colonel kurtz and his ‘unsound’ methods for solving the unsolvable.

    keep it up.

  2. Drew Says:

    I have to say im a huge fan of this book. I was already a fan of the original Unknown Soldier and the Ennis run. When it was first announced I eagerly anticipated the new and fresh direction. It was a long time since anyone has done anything with the character and with the Africa/Uganda setting – it seemed to fall into one of those ‘why hasnt anyone done this before’ type of stories. The setting and content are something far different from most of the books out there.

    When I first got the book I was blown away by the artwork and writing. Im sensing a Risso/Azz meshing here. This book has character and atmosphere. After watching some of the videos and seeing the photos – the art team really nailed it. The book has a gritty realism thats almost tough to read and view. Not for the squeamish. Josh’s evident and hyper detailed understanding of the situation cannot be denied.

    But it all goes beyond that for me. The book exposed me to actual truths that are occurring in the world we live in to this very day. Truths that for some reason went right under my nose. Ive honestly not heard much about or followed this war and these events, and for that I feel ashamed and embarrassed. Ive opened discussions about Uganda with many friends with similar results. I suppose thats one of the tragic themes of this book itself. I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes.

    I must say this webpage in particular is a wonderful source of information – thanks for putting the time into it. I also greatly enjoy and appreciate the fact page implemented in the monthly book. Usually these kinds of things are stuffed into the back of a trade paperback. Its a joy reading that page as much the comic itself.

    I wish you the best of luck on this book. I really hope it is a success. The industry really needs ones like this…

  3. Joshua dysart Says:

    Hey Zac & Drew!

    Thanks so much for commenting (even though I’ve yet to put up a post for issue 6). I’m so jazzed you guys are feeling the book. I think I’m going to keep this blog going. I discovered very quickly that there aren’t that many places on the web that pull information about East Africa all together in one place, so I’ll keep this up and live. We’ll probably stop showing you pages though from the current issue, as that’s a little labor intensive, but this will be a great place to just come and talk about African Politics. Also, I’m hesitant to scrub these posts.

    Thanks again!

  4. Jay Says:

    Unknowon Soldier has become one of my favorite titles to date. The secondary characters Sera, Jack and Anna are just as interesting as Moses. Keep up the fine work you are writing something important.

  5. Rich Says:


    My comic subscription needed a shake up and this has not only entertained me it has also educated me on a issue I knew very little about.

    I’m doing my bit over here in England to get more people reading your comic. I’ve posted a review on a blog I run with a couple of mates and telling anyone that will listen to me to pick it up. Here’s the review…

    And congratulations on the Eisner nomination!

  6. Joshua Dysart Says:


    Thanks for the awesome review!! I’m so sorry I dropped the ball on this website here in the homestretch. I just got swamped!!

  7. Random Guy Says:

    Hey Joshua, once again a brilliant issue this month. I will be waiting for the trade paperback – hopefully it will include your excellent summary of the history of Uganda and the conflict that has been happening there.

    Massive congratulations on the Eisner nomination and keep up the good work.

  8. Joshua Dysart Says:

    Thanks, man!

  9. Skyler Says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this comic series. It is evident how much of your heart is in this story and we, the readers, benefit greatly from that.

    The first arc was awesome and the second looks like it could be even better. This title has become the title that I look forward to most each month. Also, I hope that you do keep the website going. I was blown away by the amount of information that you have on here!

    Thanks for your hard work.

  10. Joshua Dysart Says:

    Thanks, skyler! I promise to update this site as soon as I get a chance!

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